Monday, November 30, 2015

Wave Pools for the Kapa Haka RoopuKotahi kaukau

E Rua Papa Takaro 

E Toru Kai

Thank you to all the kaiako and whanau that came and supported us on the day, we had a stupendous time and loved the wave pools.  The Pool Life Savers said we were very well behaved and could come back anytime.  

Sunday, November 29, 2015

A big shout out to Christian for continuing to support us in learning the unicycle.  We still have a competition running in our class.  First one to ride from the stage to the back net and return. So until we see you again, have an awesome Christmas Christian and thanks for everything.  Miharo me koe.
from Ruma Te Kau Ma Tahi.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Pirates, pirates and mermaids.

What a wonderful production KWS put on during the last week of Term 3.  The amount of practice and making of costumes was running riot in our school.  Everyone has the ARRRRR factor and my crew didn't lack any of it.  We practiced and practiced our singing and our movements, our timing and our voice projection.  My Crew enjoyed making their costumes, hooks, swords, patches, bandana's, mermaid tails and jewellery.  It was flat out every practice session.  SO PROUD OF THEM ALL.

Ruma Tekau Ma Tahi 2015

WOW - here we are.

When our class photo was taken I was overseas, so disappointed that I missed our school photo day, so we decided to take one of ourselves in our natural surroundings being our normal selves.  I LOVE IT. So we are going to share this with you.  

We have been practicing our STOP DROP AND COVER maneuvers so we can stay safe in the unlikely possibility that we have an earthquake.  Better to be safe and know what to do.  Tamariki are quick to move and grab hold of a table leg to keep themselves stable.  Awesome Ruma tekau ma tahi.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What I look like - Midas

Hi my name is Midas.  Im wearing a flower t-shirt. It is green, black and pink and is one of my favourites. My pants are grey and black and have a pattern of a maze on them. My socks are black and blue.
My hair is black and my skin is pale white. I have two ears that stick out from my head. They are surrounded by brown short hair. My eyes are a light brown with light coloured eyelashes. I am 9 years old.
Screenshot 2015-07-27 at 11.12.44 AM.png

blog mahi

Jul 27, 2015 10:52:21 AM.jpg

                                                     What do I look like:                                      28 o Hongongoi
Whainga Ako:  to use descriptive words to describe myself.

Hi, my name is Kararaina and I have black hair. I have brown eyes and I've got medium eyelashes. You can also see that my eyebrows are a little long. I am wearing  a see through t-shirt and it has some sparkles on my it.   My see through t-shirt is black and my pants are pink.  My socks are pink and my shoes are pink too.  I have a shiny smile in the sun.  The warriors jacket around my waist is cool and I am 9 years old. My skin is the color of light brown and I look like an angel in the picture,  ha,ha,ha  My family love my smile because it always reminds them of a warm, bright sunny day under the sun.  I'm afraid that I don't have any more information about myself but I will thank you for reading my descriptive writing about myself. 💋😇😅