Monday, July 27, 2015

Kyra - Leiana the queen

Features about me      27.07.2015
Whainga Ako:  Use the pikitia below to describe myself.

Hi my name is Kyra - Leiana. I am a female (girl) and I have long dark brown hair. My eye colour is black and my black eye lashes are stylish.  I am wearing long black and white zebra skinny jeans with a grey puma jersey.  I have got a big cheesy 11(eleven) years old smile.  I had butterflies when I took my photo because I wanted to make sure my photo looked good.  That was hard.  The camera app that I took my photo with was called Webcam Toy.  In the background is my classroom Ruma Tekau ma Tahi.  My school is Kaikohe West School.  Kaikohe is in the North Island of New Zealand.
KIA ORA for  reading my mahi.
Nga mihi

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